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🔐 Wized Authentication VS Webflow Membership VS Memberstack


Wized authentication and Memberstack check the user in the front-end while Webflow membership checks it in the back-end, what does it mean?

if you want to understand the difference between back-end and front-end read this article

Wized Auth

with wized auth we can HIDE the elements in the browser but we can't REMOVE them if they are already there because they are already there when the page is sent to the browser (as you can see in the first image)

while if the API is protected and the user is not logged in we can't recover anything, in that case it's 100% safe but we have to protect our API backend side

this is because Wized helps us pass the token that the server gives us when we authenticate if the token is valid the API will return the value


it is similar to wized because he also works on the front-end side, in fact one of the founders says this:

this is because they cannot block the data from the "source" (backend) but only when they arrive at the recipient (the browser in our case)

the only way to protect them 100% is by saving the data in memberstack, we will see this solution better at the end

the advantage of memberstack are the many ready-made integrations, such as templates to be used in the most famous tools and the integration with the main providers such as google login, twitter, apple etc

Webflow Membership

Webflow Membership unlike all other solutions is the only 100% secure because as you can see in the image above the control is done directly in the backend and therefore if the user does not have privileges the call will not be successful and the page will not reach the browser


As we have seen, to protect confidential information 100% you must have control over the backend and block unauthorized calls from there, before they reach the browser

for this reason, the only way we have to date to 100% protect a webflow project are two:

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